Sacred Way To Wealth

Everyone needs money to survive, even for everyday expenses. We need money to take a spiritual pilgrimage, to make a donation, or for a child’s education fees. The normal basic things people need to experience life joyfully. The wealth knowledge in this book can work for anyone who is sincere, compassionate, and has initiative to practice the rules discussed here earnestly.


The Knowledge in this book is based on the Ancient Hindu Scriptures, mainly, the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. Their teachings overlap exactly with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Rules. The Spiritual Knowledge and practices to manifest wealth is exactly the same as any spiritual pursuit as practiced by many cultures around the world. We need to know our real Self, and to have faith in a higher force or God. With these two playing an integral part in manifesting wealth into our lives, it is evident that wealth is also very spiritual and not separate from the whole. In Hinduism, there is also a “Goddess of Wealth – Goddess Laxmi”.


Artha - Sacred Wealth

Artha – Sacred Wealth


We can have whatever we want, whenever we want it. But just because wealth is our birthright, we should not ask for millions or big-ticket items straight away. Be wise and be patient. There is a reason why wealth is connected to the Soul and God, because when we understand the Soul, we will realise that the Soul has no needs or desires. Unlike the human body that needs food and drink to survive, and has many other desires and cravings, the Soul remains ever blissful and fulfilled as Its natural state. This is man’s natural state of being – Blissful. It does not seem blissful because of the agitations in the mind created by the mind combined with limiting beliefs.


Spiritual Knowledge tells us to control our thoughts, and to realise that we are not our thoughts. This is the same that is required in manifesting wealth – we need to remove limiting beliefs and untruths in our mind to receive wealth.


So, by understanding our real identity, which is Soul, which is a spirit that cannot possess anything or anyone, we can manifest wealth in the proportions that we need and not go crazy, knowing that we should not get attached to our wealth and possessions. Since the Soul is the manufacturer of the things we want, the bank is always within us to be used at any time. So there is no need to ask for everything at once. Space them out and choose only what you and others need.


We should not get attached to our wealth, money, assets, possessions, or the people around us because as a divine law or Dharma, we are meant to renounce all these at some point in our lives. It is desire that causes man suffering, because when he does not get his desires, he becomes angry. And when he does, that fulfilled desire is soon replaced by another desire, and he is angry again. God wants us to be happy, not angry and sad. So in the Hindu Scriptures we are advised to be desireless and not go for money and material things because they will bring us sorrow.


But this will only happen if we do not know that we should not be attached to our wealth BEFORE we secure wealth. With Spiritual Knowledge and the purification of the mind, we will weigh better as to what is important in life and our real need for money. We will not have the same materialistic mind we had before spiritual purification (Self-Realisation). And as it turns out, the path to Wealth is on the same path as Self-Realisation, as it is to Happiness. This is a great revelation exposed in this book for the very first time.


This book is to make us realise that what we were told about wealth being material and not spiritual at all is wrong, and then it tells us that we need the spiritual elements of Soul and God to manifest wealth. Then it tells us that we are indeed “deserving” of wealth and affluence. And then it tells us how to manifest wealth. This makes the wealth we get through our manifestation, ”Sacred Wealth”, which shall be used for wise and good deeds as God intends it. We need to help others with our wealth as required by a spiritual law, and more comes back from this generous act.


Here is the other difference between earning wealth the spiritual way instead of any other way – we will have no fear of loss. There is no fear of losing our wealth because we would have come to the knowledge that it is the Self that manifests everything, and so we will always have the power to manifest in the future, which also removes the stress in earning money.


We will also go into earning wealth with our eyes open now that we know there are laws that govern the process of wealth as revealed in this book. We will approach it with wisdom and calmness, and knowing that our real identity needs nothing material to be happy or live on, allows us to manifest only in proportions of what we need and no more or less. But we have a full hand at deciding how much or how less. It is best to start with small ideals or aspirations and work to larger ones later. Remember, we, the Soul, is in control all the time. There is only One Soul.


*Article from the book “Artha – God Wants Us To Be Rich” (Page 24) by Joy Nandy

Available in e-book and paperback.


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"This book is one-of-a-kind and everyone should read it! – Tannia (Life At An Ashram In India)