Why Are We Here (Ebook)

Why Are We Here (Ebook)

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WHY ARE WE HERE by Joy Nandy


I am a great skeptic, like most of us. I too needed much persuasion into having any belief in this thing called “God”.


All my life, I lived devoid of this fact and found Him later on in my life through the Ancient Hindu Scriptures known as the “Upanishads” and “Bhagavad-Gita”, which were taught to me by sages at ashrams in India. It was to my greatest delight! God has spoken volumes of wisdom through these Scriptures.


My skepticism ended when I realized that it could not be a mortal who would preach such profound wisdom because such thoughts do not occur to the ordinary man.


When this skepticism was removed through this realization, I was then able to slowly build my faith in something I could not see, hear, smell or touch – God.


Who is able to think this way, this selfless way? Can it be man who is always greedy, fearful, and full of lust? No, I don’t think so. No man can fathom the kind of thoughts unveiled in the Ancient Hindu Scriptures.


Such lofty and profound thoughts of peace and kindness. Preachings of purity, love, and joy, and nothing else. Thoughts of forbearance and tolerance, and teachings of seeing God in all living and non-living things? Thoughts of consciousness and truth. And most importantly, the need to be kind to all humans and animals.


It preaches ‚ “Ahimsa” or ‚ “non-violence” and ‚ “non-hurting” as a way of life. Not to hurt each other and any living creature, large and small. This‚ “non-violence” does not only limit to physical violence but also includes our thoughts and speech – let them too be non-hurting, it says.


However, after further study, inquisitions, and realizations, I realized that this is all by plan – the Creator’s plan.


This book explains the full details of why any of us are here on earth.


– Joy Nandy



1. Faith

2. Why Are We Here

3. Karma Yoga – The Underpinning Science of Life

4. Karma For Sorrow, Karma For Joy

5. Man Has No Freewill

6. Karma Yoga – Chapter 3 Bhagavadgita

7. What Is Our Purpose

8. Everything Is One

9. Who Am I?

10. We Are Observers of Life

11. Soul, Self, God, Consciousness – All The Same

12. Building Faith In The Invisible God

13. Can You Roll Up The Sky?

14. Knowledge, Action & Devotion

15. Knowledge Is God

16. Acknowledgement


About the author


Joy Nandy spent several months in India visiting Jnana Ashrams (Knowledge Ashrams) in pursuit of the knowledge found in the great and ancient Hindu Scriptures, such as, the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. The Knowledge for man to live a happy and abundant life, or the “Compass For Life”. 


His journey to the ashrams commenced when he started to question if there is, in fact, “another” world. A world different from the one we know, and a world free from greed and violence. He also started to search for a book, or any literature, that did not originate from the mind of a human being, or “not written by a mortal” (so to speak), and found them both in one beautiful life-changing event at the ashrams.


This great knowledge for mankind can be found at Knowledge Ashrams, or Jnana Ashrams, but only a few access it.  Hence, Joy Nandy has made his mission to reveal the Gems From The Ashrams through his publications for EVERYONE to relish and gain.


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5 reviews for Why Are We Here (Ebook)

  1. Sasi

    This is a great little book to explain to young Hindus lads like myself on our purpose in life. Thanks so much for publishing this book. I look forward to reading more of your books.

  2. Alice Raj

    Wow! This is an AWESOME book! I finally know why we here in this world and what is our purpose when I have been asking these questions all my life. Thanks for the knowledge of liberation! Alice

  3. Danish

    Because of this book, I now understand what Karma really is. Thank you for the detailed explanation.

  4. Karthik

    A significant book which would eventually be the turning point in every individual’s life upon reading!

  5. Singham

    “The Bhagavad Gita is hard to understand, but your have made it easy to understand with your simple explanation.“

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