Rise From Your Sorrow (E-Book)

Rise From Your Sorrow (E-Book)

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“All our sorrows are meant to lead us to this Spiritual Knowledge as our saviour.” – Joy Nandy




When a person is going through sorrow and hardships, it means that he or she has been chosen for a higher purpose. He or she is destined for enlightenment. Sorrow paves the way to joy and peace. Joy is a transformation of sorrow.


This book is a sincere dedication from my heart to all the people who are in sorrow with a wish to help them come out of it as I did purely through this “Knowledge”. No sacrifices, no prayers, no rituals, nothing, but only reading, introspecting, and imbibing this Knowledge is required.


I hope that this book benefits you and helps you find direction, peace, love and joy, and your purpose in life, which I am certain it will. It is also my sincere wish that the young will read this book earnestly so that they may avoid sorrow in life by knowing where illusion has cast her nets way ahead. In other words, avoid sorrow in life by knowing what causes sorrow and recognising “Truth from Illusion” in this world, and to take the right path in life from a young age for a peaceful and successful life.


I truly hope that you enjoy this journey to your Self.


– The Author



1. Sorrow Is The Gateway To Joy
2. Critical Situations Lead To Spiritual Awakening
3. A Blueprint For Peace
4. Counseling For The Man In Sorrow
5. Rise From Your Sorrow
6. I Am Not My Body or My Mind
7. Who Am I?
8. My Ten Great Realisations Through This Supreme Knowledge
9. I Am Indestructible
10. The Soul Wears The Body Like Man Wears Clothes
11. The Mind Cannot Comprehend The Soul
12. Do Not Grieve
13. Aching Over An Illusion
14. Desire For Things Affects Good Decision-Making
15. There Is A Kurukshetra Battle In Every Family
16. Bhagavad Gita – The Source of Self-Help Books
17. Removing The Source Removes The Goal
18. Building Faith
19. The Yoga of Knowledge
20. Devotion: Common Thinking vs Spiritual Thinking
21. Transcendental Knowledge For Everybody
22. Spiritual Knowledge For Business Success
23. Strength from the Inside Out
24. What Causes Our Disappointments?
25. What Causes Our Anger?
26. A Blessing In Disguise
27. Chosen For A Higher Cause
28. Be The Same In Success And Failure
29. Freedom From Bondage
30. Sorrow Reveals Our Real Identity
31. Be Established In Spirit
32. A Chance To Design Your Life
33. Renounce Sorrow
34. We Are One
35. Karma Demystified
36. Loving Without Ownership Is Freedom
37. Joy And Sorrow Are The Same
38. Choosing The Good Over The Pleasant (Shreyas & Preyas)
39. Deal With The Cause Not The Effect
40. Understanding The Self
41. Maya – Expectation Creates Illusions
42. Faith – The Most Important Word
43. God Can Be Whoever You Want Him To Be
44. Divine Knowledge For Self-Realisation
45. Selfishness To Selflessness
46. Rid The Mind of ‘Me’ And ‘Mine’
47. Drown In God’s Nectar
48. We Become The Words We Say
49. Key To Manifesting
50. How To Live In The Now
51. The First Step To Recovery Is Acceptance
52. Truly Letting Go
53. When In Sorrow Prime Up Your Faith
54. Use God As Your Safety Net
55. Know God As A Person
56. Believing In The Intangible Force
57. Knowledge, Action & Devotion
58. God Is The Doer of Everything
59. Why Do Good People Suffer (A Conversation)
60. Karma Is Created By Desire
61. Watch Your Thoughts For Peace-of-Mind
62. Something Within Us Has The Capacity To Make Us A Living
63. To Ensure Success In Anything Look All Over It Like A Ball
64. The Divine Love Triangle
65. Karma Makes Work A Worship
66. Protect Your Lineage Through God
67. Be The Observer
68. Beginning of Renouncing
69. Is Money A Material or Spiritual Thing?
70. The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
71. Law Originates From Philosophy And Philosophy From Spirituality
72. Knowledge Is God
73. Gita Enlightens And Puts An End To Suffering
74. Start This Study As Soon As You Can For A Beautiful Life
75. Practice The Gratitude Attitude
76. Angels On Earth
77. Flow With The River of Life
78. Acknowledgements, Gratitude, & Credits


(140 Pages – 3.5 hours reading time)


About the author


Joy Nandy spent several months in India visiting Jnana Ashrams (Knowledge Ashrams) in pursuit of the knowledge found in the great and ancient Hindu Scriptures, such as, the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. The Knowledge for man to live a happy and abundant life, or the “Compass For Life”. 


His journey to the ashrams commenced when he started to question if there is, in fact, “another” world. A world different from the one we know, and a world free from greed and violence. He also started to search for a book, or any literature, that did not originate from the mind of a human being, or “not written by a mortal” (so to speak), and found them both in one beautiful life-changing event at the ashrams.


This great knowledge for mankind can be found at Knowledge Ashrams, or Jnana Ashrams, but only a few access it.  Hence, Joy Nandy has made his mission to reveal the Gems From The Ashrams through his publications for EVERYONE to relish and gain.


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2 reviews for Rise From Your Sorrow (E-Book)

  1. Gemma

    Thank you so much for writing this book, it really helped me understand my sorrows. I really appreciate this book because you also explained ways to think and practise to overcome my sorrow and sadness. Now I understand life better. Thanks so much! Anyone in sorrow should read this book Rise From Your Sorrow. – Gemma

  2. Rani

    I have just finished reading the ebook, and I must say that this is one of the best books I have read on how to view and overcome sorrow. I learnt so much about Who I am, and what is my real identity. Thanks for the detail explanation that I was unable to find in many other books I have read. This book is truly a gem. I can’t wait to read the other ebooks you have written. Thanks again

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