Our Real Identity (E-Book)

Our Real Identity (E-Book)

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The mind (through the eyes) sees something it likes and wants it. When it gets what it wants, the mind is happy. When the mind does not get what it wants, it becomes unhappy or sad. When the mind gets what it wants, it becomes happy, but this happiness does not last for very long. When the excitement of having something new expires, as they always do, the mind will create another desire, and this cycle goes on. But the problem is – we do not always get what we want, so we are sad or unhappy – “all-the-time”. This is no way to live life.


As we can see here, the mind and body collaboration is the cause of all our sadness in life. The mind desires things and pleasures only to please the body. Learning that we are not our minds and bodies, therefore, is the best piece of news anyone can receive – it is literally liberating! Knowing that a human being is not his body or mind can fix this ancient problem – with an ancient solution – “Knowledge”.


Not being able to properly distinguish between our ‘Real Identity’ to our ‘False Identity’ is the root cause of every problem and heartache every man, woman, and child endures on earth, unknowingly. Know this as our No. 1 problem in life; and with this being the ‘root’, all events in our lives are simply a “domino effect” or branches originating from the ‘cause’False Identity. Consider it a “Mistaken Identity of the Self”. It is only the ignorance of this fact that has caused us all the pain we have experienced all this while, and in all circumstances. This is the ‘root’. The only effective way to unearth this ‘root’ is through “Knowledge” – nothing else can.


Our real Self is one that is of an ‘observer’ instead of a ‘doer’, therefore, we are witnesses to life’s events and not really players within them. When we understand how everything works in life, we start to live ever peaceful, liberated and meaningful lives – free from suffering.


Like a movie, watch the events in your life. Feel all the emotions of joy, sorrow, hurt, and happiness, and when the movie is over, you return to your peaceful Self – detached from all the emotions you experienced during the “Movie of Life”. This is our true state – Peace. Immutable peace.


The wisdom found in the ancient Sacred Hindu Scriptures, and through brilliant and great gurus of the past and present, who have preserved and passed on this great ‘Knowledge’ for us, the modern man, is only to escape suffering on earth, and to yield to a life of sheer Blissfulness, while we are alive – as it is meant to be.


This book aims to explain, in summary, what creates the ‘Real Identity’ of a human being and what does not, and why knowing this difference is the most important thing to know in our lives because by knowing this, our lives shall become perfect and free from all suffering, now.


This Knowledge can help anyone transform sorrow to joy as quickly as he or she can come to the realization that his or her body is not his or her “Real Identity”. This knowledge liberates anyone by letting him or her know that he or she is something “PHENOMENAL” – far greater than even for his or her own mind to comprehend, and therefore it is possible to ‘control’ the mind by using his or her own real Self – who is invincible and immortal.


This Knowledge leads us to eternal peace on earth, and depending on how far we pursue this study, – it can also lead us to GREATNESS – as it did with all the greats of the past who studied this Great ‘Knowledge’ of the Ancient Hindu Sacred Scriptures.


Through the book, I welcome you to You. I hope that you enjoy the experience – you surely will.


– Joy Nandy




  1. Thinking We Are The Body Causes Sorrow
  2. What Is Our Real Identity
  3. Mind & Body Cause of All Sorrow
  4. Immediate Pain Relief
  5. Who Am I?
  6. Soul Not Part of The Body
  7. Mind & Body Powered By Soul
  8. Attributes of The Soul
  9. We Are Not Our Illnesses
  10. Realising The Self Promotes Good Health
  11. Realising The Self
  12. Only Self-Knowledge Can End Sorrow
  13. Wake Up To Your Real Identity
  14. States of The Body
  15. The Gross Body Explained
  16. The Five Sheaths of The Body Explained
  17. The Food Sheath
  18. The Vital Sheath
  19. The Mental Sheath
  20. The Intellect Sheath
  21. The Blissful Sheath
  22. Nature of The Self
  23. Aggrandising The Body
  24. Faculties of The Body
  25. The Subtle Body
  26. The Ego
  27. Ego, Anger, Envy, Not The Self
  28. The Three Qualities of Man
  29. Raja Guna
  30. Tama Guna
  31. Sattva Guna
  32. The Non-Self – Our False Identity
  33. The Self – Our Real Identity
  34. Non Attachment of The Self
  35. Meaning of ‘I’
  36. Removal of Reflection
  37. Contemplating The Self
  38. Benefits of Self Knowledge
  39. Other Publications

(Total 37 Pages – Reading duration 3 hours)


About the author


Joy Nandy spent several months in India visiting Jnana Ashrams (Knowledge Ashrams) in pursuit of the knowledge found in the great and ancient Hindu Scriptures, such as, the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. The Knowledge for man to live a happy and abundant life, or the“Compass For Life”. 


His journey to the ashrams commenced when he started to question if there is, in fact, “another” world. A world different from the one we know, and a world free from greed and violence. He also started to search for a book, or any literature, that did not originate from the mind of a human being, or “not written by a mortal” (so to speak), and found them both in one beautiful life-changing event at the ashrams.


This great knowledge for mankind can only be found at Knowledge Ashrams, or Jnana Ashrams, but only a few access it.  Hence, Joy Nandy has made his mission to reveal the Gems From The Ashrams through his publications for EVERYONE to relish and gain.


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  1. Shanti

    There is no book like this one. I have read many books on understanding our real identity and this is the first book that explains this in great detail. Also that the knowledge source is from the sacred ancient scriptures makes it trustworthy as a source to rely on for such information. I believe that I have finally found the answer to my real identity because we simply can’t argue with so much sense. Thanks for this book.

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