Artha – God Wants Us To Be Rich by Joy Nandy (Ebook)

Artha – God Wants Us To Be Rich by Joy Nandy (Ebook)

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MONEY – the item top on our minds, is the least discussed topic on the spiritual front. On the contrary, the idea to be desireless and not to pursue money, is well-preached. Yet, ‘artha’ or ‘wealth’ is mentioned in the ‘Purushartas’ or ‘Man’s Purpose In Life’ (Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha), found within the Hindu Holy Scriptures. It states that it is necessary for man to accumulate wealth for his purpose, and to help others with it. However, at a later stage in life, he is meant to give away his wealth as he prepares for a spiritual life.


Find out what are the Four Purposes of Man in this book, the place wealth has in it, and the sacred way to acquire and use it. Further, this book shows the connection between Spirituality and Wealth. It also includes Wealth Affirmations and deep Spiritual Knowledge that can be put into practice to achieve an aspiration or goal.


The power to manifest is Us – the Self. We can create anything we want with this magical power of manifestations – because we are the Unmanifest. This book explains the process. This Knowledge can shift a person from lack to fulfillment by solely using the power of the mind, and practicing unwavering faith.


In this book, you will learn/discover:

• Money is spiritual

• That Wealth is our birthright

• That it is a sin if a Hindu does not become wealthy

• That the words of others have lead us to poverty and lack

• How to remove limiting beliefs that lead us to poverty

• How to feel “deserving” of money and wealth

• How to attract Wealth using the power of the Mind and Faith

• Discover your Real Identity – the Unmanifest that manifests desires and goals. This book can change someone’s life with a simple change of thinking.




Chapter 1: Wealth & Hinduism

Explains that wealth is mentioned in the Hindu Sacred Texts, and required for Man’s Purposes on earth


Chapter 2: Spirituality & Wealth

Explains the various connections between Spirituality and Wealth, and the purpose and need for wealth in life


Chapter 3: Wealth Manifestation

Explains the Wealth Manifestation Process to follow


Chapter 4: Mind Stuff

Explains the workings and limitations of the mind, and how to reprogramme it for wealth and success


Chapter 5: Human Personality

Explains what are we like, and how we should be


Chapter 6: Knowledge of The Soul

Explains the most important part in manifestation, without this understanding wealth manifestation can be difficult


Chapter 7: Wealth Practices

Explains the steps needed to be practiced to attract wealth. This is mostly how we think and behave which has a strong spiritual bond. No rituals or activities


Chapter 8: Wealth Affirmations

Wealth and Success Affirmations are provided for the reader to practice daily to achieve set goals and aspirations.




Chapter 1: Wealth & Hinduism

  • Wealth & Dharma
  • Man’s Purposes: Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha
  • The Four Stages & Purposes of Man
  • The Ten Rules of Dharma
  • Money & Wealth In Hinduism
  • Sinful Not To Pursue Wealth
  • Grihastha: The Greatest Stage
  • Wealth In The Vedas


Chapter 2: Spirituality & Wealth

  • God Wants Us To Be Rich
  • Sacred Way To Wealth
  • Wealth Is A Spiritual Journey
  • Soul & Subconscious
  • The Unmanifest Manifests
  • Tricking The Soul
  • How To Engage The Soul
  • Anger Obstructs Wealth Manifestation
  • Two Types of Wealth
  • What Inner & Outer Abundance Means
  • Happiness, Health & Wealth


Chapter 3: Wealth Manifestation

  • Process of Manifestation


Chapter 4: Mind Stuff

  • Conditioning Led Us To Lack
  • I Love Money
  • I Deserve Wealth
  • The World Is Our Perception
  • Impressions On The Soul
  • Thoughts Become Things
  • Limiting Beliefs Prevent Wealth
  • Negative Thoughts Prevent Wealth


Chapter 5: Human Personality

  • Money Has Feelings
  • I Deserve Affluence
  • We Become The Words We Say
  • Be Present
  • Prepare To Receive
  • Angels On Earth
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Replace The Old Computer


Chapter 6: Knowledge of The Soul

  • I Am Not My Body or Mind
  • Who Am I?
  • Mind Cannot Comprehend The Soul
  • Our Real Identity
  • Soul In A Snapshot
  • The World Is An Illusion
  • Be The Same In Success and Failure
  • Be Established In Spirit
  • Karma & Dharma
  • Loving Without Ownership Is Freedom
  • Choosing The Good Over The Pleasant (Shreyas & Preyas)
  • Deal With The Cause Not The Effect
  • Selfishness To Selflessness
  • Rid The Mind of ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’
  • God Is The Doer of Everything
  • The Confusing Terms For God


Chapter 7: Wealth Practices

  • 7 Steps To Sacred Wealth
  • In-Tune With Providence
  • Soul Is Our Bank
  • Love Is Your Operating System
  • Action Required
  • Habits That Prevent Wealth
  • Money Sadhana
  • The Gratitude Attitude
  • Thank Instead of Ask
  • Wealth In Conscious Hands


Chapter 8: Success Affirmations

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Wealth Affirmations – I Have Endless Residual Income
  • Wealth Affirmation 2 – Prosperity & Abundance Surround Me
  • Wealth Affirmation 3 – My Income Is Growing
  • Wealth Affirmation 4 – I Create My Own Reality
  • Wealth Affirmation 5 – I Receive Money Everyday
  • Self-Esteem Affirmation – I Am…
  • Soul Affirmation
  • 19 Rules For Success
  • Dictate What Do You Want?
  • What Actions Will You Take?
  • What Are You Grateful For?
  • How Will You Help People With Your Wealth?
  • Happiness Brings Wealth
  • Acknowledgements, Gratitude, & Credits


Get copies for the family

To manifest and attract wealth, a peaceful and positive mind has to be employed at all times. Anger, negative thoughts, words, and behaviour are strictly prohibited. Get copies of this book for the spouse and each member of the family. You will enjoy a peaceful and harmonious household if each member tries to manifests something while reading this book and after. It is also advised to re-read this book as many times as possible so that the entire knowledge is embedded completely. Man learns by repetition.


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2 reviews for Artha – God Wants Us To Be Rich by Joy Nandy (Ebook)

  1. Eanishia

    “Can I get 4 copies for my siblings? The book is perfect and very situational. It’s very relevant.“

  2. Gaithri

    “I have to give thanks to Joy as his book has brought many shifts (in me).“

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