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If you wish to receive the heights of spiritual self-awareness without tedious rituals and activities, then you shall find what you are looking for here.

These books are written for people on a spiritual path to self-realisation but are not sure of the best way forward… these books point you in the right direction.

Who am I?

Why are we here?

What is our purpose in life?

Is money spiritual or material?

How to become Enlightened?

These are some of the questions many of us have. Our publications provide the answers to all of life’s burning questions like these. They have all derived from the Ancient Spiritual Scriptures in India that are now safely preserved by sages.

Get these books that can help you realise your real identity, your purpose on earth, and discover the path to end sorrow in life – that shall lead you to a fulfilled life on earth. Buy these great books online and have them delivered to your doorstep, or pick them up from any of these retail outlets (in Malaysia). However, if you wish to start reading any of these books immediately (and if you are in a faraway place), please consider purchasing the e-book editions which you can download immediately.

If You Are Here, You Have Already Commenced Your Spiritual Journey...

Taking the Spiritual path will dawn on each human being at some point in this cycle of life…

When this happens, a person will start to seek out knowledge or paths to help her or him fill this void…

This is the calling… to come back to our real Self…

The Goal of Life is for each person to realise her or his real identity, and when realised, all sorrows fall…

To become Spiritual is not about wearing all sorts of robes and ornaments around the neck and wrists, as many believe it to be…

To be truly Spiritual is an “inside job”. There should be no visible changes to the outside of a person, but there should be immense changes inside…

The goal of spiritual life is not to perform spiritual acts and then go and show off how spiritual one is – that is ego, and ego is never Spiritual…

In the Holy Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna asked Lord Krishna (Godhead), “how does a man of steady wisdom behave? (how does an enlightened person behave?)”.

The Lord replied: “He is a Conscious and Kind person who is palatable to all around him, he is equal to all, he causes no one any hurt or harm, and he is wise with his decisions.”

This is how a true Spiritual person behaves – it is only in the nature and behaviour of a person, and how kindly she or he treats others – this is The Goal of Life… and this is what we should all try to achieve… and this Great Knowledge of Mind Purification to achieve this highest state of Spirituality, can be found in our publications.

All explained in plain and simple English that everyone can comprehend and apply to her or his benefit… Only the Reader is the Benefactor…

About The Author

Most of the books on this website are written by Joy Nandy – Malaysia’s ONLY Hindu Spiritual Book Writer.

Joy spent several months in India living and learning the Ancient Holy Scriptures taught by genuine gurus at ashrams with a lineage (this is important).

He was taught the Holy Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads (Spiritual Philosophy) in great depth, and he continues his own learning after the ashrams.

He has since chosen to serve society by writing books based on the Ancient Holy Scriptures in simple English that explains this Supreme Knowledge for Mankind to navigate safely and happily through life for the earnest Seeker of Truth… What was taught to him by genuine gurus in India.

The Knowledge found in each of these books helped the author overcome all of life’s sorrows. These great and ancient secrets to remedy everything that has gone wrong in a person’s life are now readily available to you in handy paperbacks and ebooks…

Get your books Today and start living a glorious and happy life.




If we always believed that money and wealth are not spiritual, this book has some shocking revelations. As it turns out, it is a sin if a Hindu does not become wealthy in life. This book has busted several conventional and outdated beliefs about our pursuit of money and wealth as not good or spiritual because wealth is, indeed, highly spiritual as revealed in this book – for the very first time in history. Backed by evidence from the Ancient Hindu Spiritual Scriptures, it is clear that God wants us to be richGrab your copy today.

By Joy Nandy


This is possibly the only book in the world that explains insights of a Jnana Ashram or Knowledge Ashram. There is valuable knowledge in this book that explains the fundamentals of Bhagavad Gita and our reason for being.

By Joy Nandy


A little book that answers everyone’s burning question, “Who Am I?”. This small but powerful book has engaged people from all over the world, and is one of our Best Sellers. Grab your copy today.

By Joy Nandy


Why are we here? What are we meant to do here? What is our purpose in life? You can find out all these answers in this little book. Some of life’s deepest questions answered to put the reader’s mind at peace.

By Joy Nandy


A rare book that is specially written for anyone experiencing sorrow based on lessons learned at an ashram and the Hindu Sacred Scriptures on how to rise from sorrow. Anyone in sorrow is destined for enlightenment. This book explains the details on how to get rid of sorrow permanently in life by realising our real identity based on the author’s real life learning, realisations, and experiences. *Book is based on Bhagavad Gita

By Joy Nandy


Our books are sold all over town! If you live in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and prefer to buy offline, you may pick up these great books from many retail stores and Indian restaurants in the city. Now you can grab some food for your body, and also grab some food for your mind and soul at the same time. Check out the list of retail outlets that sell Nandybooks books.


Here are some blogs that you can read to discover our real identity and why are we here on earth, and the discovery of these lead us to eternal joy through logic and reasoning. Should you like to read more on such stuff, you may consider purchasing the books and ebooks.

Choosing Our Path of Yoga – Jnana, Bhakti, Karma or Raja Yoga?

“Yoga” means “The realisation in direct experience of the union between the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness.”   The most common paths of ‘yoga’ are:   Knowledge (Jnana Yoga), Devotion (Bhakti Yoga), Selfless Service/Seva (Karma Yoga),…

Joy Nandy
Be Your Own Parent

Parenting... has anyone got this right? Many of us look up to our parents and elders with much respect and since they are older than us, we assume that everything they tell and teach us…

Sacred Way To Wealth

Everyone needs money to survive, even for everyday expenses. We need money to take a spiritual pilgrimage, to make a donation, or for a child’s education fees. The normal basic things people need to experience…

Critical Situations Lead Us to Our Spiritual Awakening

The bad and nasty situations in the world have given birth to some of the best ideas, results, solutions, concepts, music, books, literature, theatre, etc., the world has seen. Some of the world’s best ideas,…

Sorrow is the Gateway to Your Joy

Ever so often when things go wrong in our lives, we blame it on all the external factors of our lives, and sometimes on other people. We slip into the culture of finger pointing and…

Limiting Beliefs Prevent Wealth...

We have been fed a lot of wrong and damaging information since we were born. The way we have been conditioned by the thoughts of others all our lives have led us to sorrow and…

Artha - God Wants us To be Rich by Joy Nandy

It appears that there is no escape from God in order to access anything in life, including wealth. Sacred Wealth. If you watched the many videos on the Law of Attraction and Manifestation and read…

Why Are We Here by Joy Nandy

It is only because of our Karma that we are here. We are here to pay some dues for our misdeeds.     Yes, for yelling or slapping the wife or husband this morning, for…

+who am I,
Who Am I? – The MOST sensible answer on the internet

I was taught that this outer or exterior body, or this form covered by skin and flesh, is not my ‘real identity’. Body, name, hair, car, house, title, designation, family, qualification, relationships, etc., do NOT…

Hinduism in a Nutshell by Milon Nandy
A good and concise introduction to Hinduism by Milon Nandy

Hinduism, the oldest and perhaps the most tolerant of all known religions, which stresses conduct and ceremony rather than rigid belief, has weathered many storms and crises in the course of at least 3500 years…

Medicine for the troubled mind and aching heart

Sometimes the events of life can throw us off balance, and we get confused. We start to ask some very serious and deep questions, and even start the quest to find those answers, but rarely…
Bhaja Govindham of Sri Sankaracharya

[I found a very good and interesting book called "Bhaja Govindham of Sri Sankaracharya". "Bhaja Govindham" means 'Worship Govinda', and Sri Sankaracharya is the great ancient sage who wrote extensive commentaries on many of the…
Why we suffer, and how to stop suffering

Is there a reason to our suffering?   Are we the only ones singled out to suffer, or is the whole world suffering?   Why does sorrow happen to us, and how can we escape…
The importance of self-respect over wealth

There is a popular saying in life, "Everyone has a price".   Do you believe this is true?   I have heard people using this line often, but I never felt that this is true.…

Could an "understandable" language be the reason why some Hindus convert to other religions?

This has long been an observation of mine, and it is also possibly the reason why many Hindus veer to another religion – only because he or she "understands" what's going on.   The Hindu…

Man Is An Immortal Spirit

In any study there will be top students and there will be weak students. This is the same with teachers and gurus – not all of them are equally wise (they were students too). So…

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